Resident Practitioner          Vannesa Huacuja Villagomez

Vannesa Huacuja Villagomez


Spanish & English


Thank you for this moment to introduce myself to you. My name is Vannesa. I was born in Mexico City, a big, colorful, amazing, busy place! I was raised by a great, warm hearted, big family with lovely traditions.

My former education was in Industrial Business Management, but I was always drawn to the metaphysic side of life, and was always curious about what lies beyond our eyes ability to see. I discovered I was an empath when I was very little. Deep Aztec spirituality runs through my veins and soul.

However, my life course led me to running international hostels and being in executive roles at massive companies where I could use my intuition and adept abilities in social connection.

An unexpected, and life altering event, briefly rocketed my life into a place where I was hanging onto life by a thread. This resulted in experiencing a deeper connection with God and the Universe than even I could have ever imagined.

After recovering, life eventually led me to connect with amazing teachers, including connection with teachers and guides from other dimensions and realms.

I have accomplished a Master of Masters Degree in Angelic Reiki, Past Life regressions, Theta healing, mediumship, Assertiveness Coaching, Master Fairies Meditation Practitioner, and Oracle Cards Trainer. These skills have given me the opportunity to lead workshops in Mexico. I have also been a staff member for Charles Virtue in Mexico.

In 2016 seeds of love were sown in my heart in the form of an American husband. That reality led me to marriage and embarking on a brand new and completely different life, culture, language, and experiences in the United States.

This also has led me to seek further development and skills related to intuitive healing, life coaching, speaking, and offering hope from my soul to yours.

I look forward to continuing to fill my insatiable curiosity for learning as well as sharing the God given gifts that have been given to me in times of joy and challenge, as well as happiness and pain.

I am very blessed and happy about the support I have found in my beautiful Oregon Coast. I feel more than joyful with the opportunity to have my practice at Mind Body and Soul, in Nye Beach, close to the healing ocean in a beautiful and spiritual shop.

The shop and the lovely owners are a sanctuary to my heart. Thank you for joining with me in this new and exciting chapter.


You can book by calling or texting Vannesa at 541-961-2724

Bars Session $140


Angelic Oracle/Tarot Card Reading 1 hour $80

   Half Hour $40

   3 Card Pull $20


Aura Read with Aura picutre 1 hour $115


Angelic Reiki Healing $80


Raindrop Therapy $75


Call us for classes and other sessions.

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