International Psychic Medium  Sarah Lemos

Sarah Lemos International Psychic Medium

as seen on Ghost of Morgan City Travel Channel


Sometimes there are messages and information to help us on our path that we can't seem to access ourselves. I can help access these messages by connecting to your loved ones, spirit guides, and Angels. 


Sarah has been able to communicate with the dead since she was 5 years old. Through the years, she learned to work with her gifts. Sarah was accepted into and completed Lisa William's International school of Development, becoming a certified Psychic Medium. She has been able to share her gifts around the world working along side celebrities from SYFI and Travel Channel, traveling the world with the "Ghost Hunter Cruises". Sarah's main goal is to heal the world through connection.


"Growing up as a sensitive is not easy", says Sarah "that’s why I have created a series of classes to help others like me awaken their truth through their senses". Pathways to Spirit has been taught around the world and Sarah says others are now thriving in the idea of understanding there true gifts. 


Sarah will be speaking about her Medical Medium abilities and the help it can provide.


1 hour reading $175


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