Pamela Pulido

Pamela Pulido

Psychologist. Life Coach. Artist. Healer.

Spanish & English

With more than 10 years of experience guiding groups, individual sessions and giving workshops in Mexico, USA and Germany Pamela is a modern Life Coach and Psychologist that combines alternative healing methods and traditional ways for helping people to feel better and awake their creativity skills.


Her journey began in the traditional Psychology path and then discovering that Reiki and Theta healing were the perfect combination for her practices. She is initiated in the Munay Ki path, an Andean Shamanic tradition, that helps discover the power and passion within you. She is Master Reiki and Theta healing practitioner.


She designed a Creative workshop called CreARTE, a path of self discovery to help you unblock your creative potential and abilities. This workshop was financed by the German government in 2015 to help people integrate, be more tolerant, creative and mindful.


She is an artist too. Her singing skills and songwriting helps her to see the world in a different perspective. And helps people to find their true purpose in life, awakening their abilities to heal and create the life they deserve.


Her career goal is to help people find peace, harmony, healing and bliss. She works and speaks with her heart and channels messages to whomever need it. Nowadays she´s writing her first book about different ways to heal and discovering your life´s purpose.


Pamela Pulido
Psicóloga.Sanadora. Life Coach. Artista


Lic. en Psicología Organizacional egresada del TEC-CEM con más de 10 años de experiencia guiando grupos, impartiendo terapias y cursos en México, USA y Alemania.


Life Coach, Psicóloga y Artista utiliza una combinación de sus áreas de conocimiento para contribuir con el crecimiento de la gente y su bienestar, es una mujer comprometida con el cambio de consciencia global y la mejora en calidad de vida de las personas en las organizaciones.


Se dedica a dar terapias, conferencias y workshops, en México y en el extranjero para empresas y grupos independientes. Master Reiki, Thetahealer y buscadora eterna espiritual.


Maestra de Munay ki, una terapia chamánica Andina que sirve para despertar tu poder, purificarte y sanarte a través de diferentes técnicas.

Desarrolló el método CreArte un curso basado en la creatividad aplicada a la vida diaria y en las organizaciones ; donde conviertes tu vida en una obra de Arte. Todos somos artistas y nuestra vida es un lienzo.


$50 Donation Session

Thetahealing is an alternative healing method in which you are guided to the “Theta” state of mind in order to reprogram your beliefs. It can help you to rest your mind, relax, change limiting beliefs and heal in all levels. All you need is to close your eyes and relax. 1 hour session.


Reiki is an energetic healing method. It consists in channeling energy through the hands in order to align your chakras (energy centers) and heal your mental, emotional or physical body. It helps you feel free and peaceful. 1 hour session.


Life Coaching helps people setting goals, understand their decision making process, gives structure to emotions and inner dialogue. It provides strategies to focus on your dreams, clarify your visions and succeed

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