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Jalene Case


Hi! My name is Jalene Case and I run a consulting and coaching company.


I work with leaders who want to lead themselves first and develop a stronger team that focuses on what matters most.


As a coach, I work with managers who want to move up by sharpening essential leadership skills.

In fact, I have 40 years of experience working in businesses from being a secretary in the early 80’s to being an executive director most recently.


As a result of my work, clients are better leaders, better communicators, better at reaching meaningful goals, and have more influence with the people they serve.


On a personal note, my husband and I took two years to ride our motorcycles from Oregon to the southern tip of South America. To ride those 42,000 miles, it took a tenacious grip on my motorcycle and my goal! 

How might I serve you in reaching your meaningful goals and big dreams?
To learn more, send me an email to Jalene@JaleneCase.com
or schedule a complimentary Curious About Coaching Session.
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