Inner Energy Aura Photography

Advanced Aura Technology 

Inneractive’s aura reading machine is a great tool for those who are unable to see auras with their naked eye. 


Through real-time graphic displays, the aura reading machine creates a visual interpretation of your energy channels. 


Inneractive technology references well-known aura beliefs to create a visualization of your energy data. The aura reading machine takes readings of your hand via a sensor and then uses advanced software to convert this data into easy-to-read charts and graphs. You’ll be able to evaluate your aura and chakra flow on-the-spot and can even track its evolution over time. 

Understanding your aura-chakra energies has never been easier. 



Your aura colors are the key to your emotional-energetic map, capable of shedding light upon the subtlest imbalances in your energy. We’ve worked hard to develop technology that delivers dynamic visualization and data-tracking of your aura readings. 


If you’re new to aura reading, see our guide on how to know aura colors. 



Our aura reading machine is capable of advanced aura photography. 

How does aura photography work? The technology is complex, but our step-by-step process is relatively simple: 

  1. Hand Reading. Sit in front of our web camera and place you hand on the Inneractive hand sensor. 


  2. Data Collection. The hand sensor will take readings from your hand and transfer the data to your computer. 


  2. Data Translation. Inneractive’s powerful software displays the data from your hand reading as a series of beautifully detailed charts and graphs. 



Our aura reading machine can’t fix emotional ailments. But our incredible technology can serve as an essential guide on one’s path to improved personal wellness. 


By providing you with an easy-to-understand interpretation of aura-chakra energies, you can aid yourself or your clients in furthering their understanding of their personal and emotional well-being. 


Use Inneractive technology to create a better you! 


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