Our Guest Practitioner for July  Karly Walker

Karly Walker

(On the right in photo)


is one of the owners of Mind Body Soul. One of her super powers is manifesting. She will be lecturing this seminar about "The Dark Side of Manifesting". The lecture will be about how we sabotage our manifestations causing us to wish for the positive to create the negative.


At MBS we are often asked "How do I get what I want?". We see people often asking for the positive but thinking about the negative and unable to receive what they truly want. This has inspired Kara and Karly to start gathering information to help our friends that visit us at MBS. Now, Karly will be providing information about our research and help you get over the blockages that stop you from receiving what the universe has to offer you.


Karly has a bachelore degree in Business & Internatioal Management. Minor in Finance and German. She has traveled the world learning about cultures and human nature. Karly wants all of us to be able to create the heaven we deserve here on earth.

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