Manifesting You - Receiving The Gifts Awaiting You From The Universe.

July 19 - 21, 2019

Manifesting You is all about manifesting gifts that the universe has waiting for you


We have invited practitioners from all over to speak on topics about receiving the gifts the universe has waiting for you. You will learn what different tools and rituals tath help bring more.

Cost is $20 for the lectures  



9am to 4pm - Practitioners are available for private sessions

4pm to 6pm - Meet and Greet with available practitioners



Practioners are available from 9am to 1pm for private sessions.


Our Lectures start at 2pm to 6pm


2pm - Karly Walker "Dark Side of Manifesting"


3pm - Abigail Barella "Moons, Signs, & Manifesting"


4pm - Vannesa Pridemore "Bars, changing your thought pattern to manifest"


5pm - Pamela Pulido "Creative Visualizations & Vision Board Techniques"



 You can book with practitioners for a private session from 9am to 4pm


*More Information to Come*

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