Karly Walker Reiki Master

Karly Walker

(On the right in photo)


is one of the owners of Mind Body Soul. One of her hidden talents is Reiki. She will be lecturing this seminar about "Healing with Reiki and our thoughts". Karly has been hidding in the closet about her talents. But with a shot of tequila she goes all woo-woo on ya!


At MBS we are often asked "How do I heal?". We see people often asking for the things to heal them but they are not ready to heal yet. Reiki is a great way to introduce healing. 


Karly has a bachelore degree in Business & Internatioal Management. Minor in Finance and German. She has traveled the world learning about cultures and human nature. Karly wants all of us to be able to create the heaven we deserve here on earth.


Did you know we have to awsome practitioners who you can become a reiki master from? Contact Karly and she will help you

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