Healing Within - Mending One's Health From The Inside Out With Alternative Choices.

August 23 - 25, 2019

Healing Within is all about learning how to use stones, essential oils, nutrition, Reiki, and holistic methods to heal yourself from the inside out. Learn the power healing without traditional medicine. 


We have invited practitioners from all over to speak on topics about alternative healing. 



9am to 4pm - Practioners will be available for private sessions.

4pm to 6pm - Meet and Greet with available practitioners.



9am to 1pm - Practitioners will be available for private sessions

2pm to 6pm - lectures will take place


2pm - Naturopath


3pm - Acupuncture and Eastern medicine


4pm - Vannesa Pridmore 


5pm - Pamela Pulido "Thetahealing and the Art to Heal your Beliefs"



9am to 4pm -Practitioners available for private sessions



Call Us at 541-265-3600 to book with practitioners

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