Harvesting Life - Theresa Wisner

A new comer to our first seminar Season.


Theresa Wisner is the author of Daughter of Neptune. Her work has appeared in Snapdragon Journal and VoiceCatcher. The Oregonian and numerous other newspapers have also published her work. SHe has written journals since she was old enough to hold a pen and has drawn extensively from them in her writing.


Her twenty years of commercial fishing ands as a chief steward in the US Merchant Marine offer inspiration for her writing. Theresa is a recipient of the Congressional Antarctic Service medal for "courage, sacrifice and devotion on expeditions to the Southern Ocean," aka Antarctica. King Nepturne has seen fit to allow her to cross the Equator, International Date Line, and Antartic Circle. She's worked in the Bering Sea and has transited Drake Passage at Cape Horn.


She Lives with her husband and German Shepherd in Oregon's Coast Range.

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