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Nancy Ashmead is an artist, writer, and an intuitive. Aboard a 42-foot sailboat, she sailed throughout the eastern Caribbean Archipelago for more than two years. This is where some of the art work that would become the Traveler Oracle was created. Over the course of her life she has visited 36 countries, returning most often to Italy and India.  Retired co-owner of an award-winning vocational school in Seattle, she now resides in Ashland, OR, where she was a founding board-member of the Ashland Art Center. For more information visit www.traveleroracle.com  and/or www.nancyashmead.com


An artist, writer and intuitive, Nancy is also a world traveler having sailed 4200 miles throughout the Eastern Caribbean Archipelago. She has visited 36 countries during her life, and co-owned a successful vocational school in Seattle. Residing now in Ashland, OR, she is launching the first book in her eco-sci-fi series: The Seed Songs: Book One – New Moons.


Nancy will be explaining about her Traveler Deck and how it can help your life.


Reading: Sunday September 22nd

Appointments can be made between 10am to 12pm

Price: $40 for 30minutes


The Seed Songs - Book One: New Moons Trade paperback $18.95


This visionary eco-sci-fi story features a reluctant young heroine born during a time of crisis within a star-ship Federation in a distant solar system. Power objects bestowed during the time of the Ascent from Earth awaken a latent prophecy, identifying Mellinar, just entering womanhood, as the Emissary, sending her on a voyage back to Earth. While there she is initiated in the ancient lineage of the Sacred Grove. She returns to the Federation crystalized with clarity of purpose, endowed with additional psychic abilities and now supported by a young Earthling named Vedano and a shape-shifting mentor, Midigini. 

As the resource crisis deepens, Mellinar and her cohorts catalyze healing potentials and opportunities as they move from ship to ship. A resistant ruling class, increasingly obstreperous under-class and numerous rogue ships make for complications and obstructions that Mellinar and her cohorts must mindfully navigate to usher in the next epoch.

Review: An enjoyable, magical read, New Moons is an adventure embedded with wisdom we need right now, led by a young woman whose destiny is to bring us back to our purpose as caretakers of our world – or in this case – worlds.

Once you fall under the author’s spell, you will want to stay in the world she’s created. I came away believing in the greater wisdom we share and the resilience of life itself. If you don’t have this book yet – get it! Julie Akins, Journalist/Writer 


Traveler Oracle Deck and Booklet

Available online and in select stores $60.

The Traveler Oracle is a tool for change. Use it when there is a need for guidance and self-inquiry. It offers valuable questions to ask, perspectives that will stretch, open your perspective, and encourage you in the development of wisdom.


The deck includes 77 beautiful original images organized into seven suits and a booklet with eloquent explanations for each one. This is the sole creation of Nancy and comes in a hand-sewn, cloth bag.




 “The Traveler Oracle is, hands down, the best oracle deck I’ve ever seen, visually and conceptually.” 

“There are many so-called “oracles” that have come and gone… many failed because they had no heart. 
None have impressed me like your “Traveler Oracle” with its compassionate healing and understanding of the human condition. It advises me, chides me and lovingly reveals my inner world in relation to a bigger understanding of my personal life adventure.”  

“The Traveler Oracle never fails to amaze and affirm with its timely observations and valuable guidance. I consult the “Traveler” for guidance because it clarifies and confirms my direction and action in the moment.

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