Fire Ceremony

Fire can heat your food or burn down your house. It is a force of destruction, creation and purification. We can be engulfed in flames or on fire with inspiration. The raw power of fire was recognized by the ancients who infused this element with prayer, intention, and reverence. Today it still carries much value in our lives and can be used in positive ways to enrich our connection with the divine.

Fire can be used to enhance your spiritual practice or support you by helping you purify and set intentions in your own life. Many personal fire rituals are based on the ancient ceremonies handed down through the ages, in all cultures. 

Pamela Pulido will be performing our fire ceremony Saturday at 6:00pm

Reservations required. Please call us at 541-265-3600. Cost $20.00

Guest can attend the fire ceremony without attending the lectures.

Please do not wear flowing clothing.

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